Online Education / Learning Freedom

Better Education blog posted an opinion article entitled "Online Education Offers Unparalleled Learning Freedom" that remind colleges and universities are offering now many online courses for students with busy schedules and lifestyles, and there are few limits to the level of education students can receive. "The truth is that online classes offer superior flexibility to those hoping to further their education. Whether you are hoping to earn a degree or simply wish to broaden your horizons by taking a few online classes, you just might find that the possibilities are limitless once you begin taking these courses from home."

At the same time, the article clarifys that distance learning may be the best option for many working professionals if it offers flexibility (freedom).

Thus, to combine distance or online learning with other important moments of their life, students need to see that the limits in the use of time and effort invested into their studies are in their hands too.

LINK: http://www.bettereducation.info/?Codx=10616
(retrieved October 18, 2009)

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