Final report: improving the learning object

Following what was asked by Prof. Morten in Unit 4-Activ 2, we produced these three small videos to explain our difficulties in doing the video "Online Education: transparency and visibility" (LO of Unit3 Activ2).

As we did together more than one learning object, we decided to be a little ambitious on this last one (see video cited above). Maybe being better prepared to understand the new theories about online education, we could create a more complete video. Our main thought was to show how the analyzed theory could be tested, and we believe that this video was able to demonstrate it.

This video doesn't present any theory this time, because you can find elsewhere in this blog some annotated bibliography about interesting concepts studied in the course Elearning Pedagogy (http://www.univ-ab.pt/). Anyway, this video is a complement to those important papers.

Now about the following avatars...

Altough you see here three different tellers as representatives of the group, the clarification should be understood as only one (text divided into shares). This means that nobody is giving his own opinion. The aim is rather showing the steps that were taken in group.

If you prefer to read the full text, please let me know. I'll be pleased to send you by email.

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