Review of annotated bibliography

I’d like to comment the annotated bibliography that Mónica Filipa posted on her blog.

We may find there several interesting entries about transparency in Cooperative Online Education, including learning objects. This reveals that the author had done an extensive research and was concerned to explain thoroughly this theory, showing how the researchers are dealing with the problems and how they overcame them. The papers suggested are a serious contribution to understand the theory's principal concepts, because they often present illustrative study cases.

Most of the time, Mónica shows a critical spirit, developing her own interpretation about the material and resources she had read, trying to show us the most important aspects (cooperation, visibility, transparency in online education) and how/where they should be improved. (See here an example).

The posts are well organized (sometimes, the sentences have a different color), with the main ideas gathered in a logical way, i.e., we learn what are the problems studied and the solutions defended. The citations are efficiently contextualized with the text. The author’s name and paper’s title are graphically identified, whose online access is permitted through the link.
However, the habitual references aren't visible and the author forgot to indicate when she had retrieved the materials.

As a suggestion, I think it would be easier to the viewer if the posts had different titles. Since Mónica had decided to create several posts, I believe the blog would benefit, for example, from the specialized research done on Internet by interested users.

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